Tips, tricks and tactics – Clash Royale

Supercell know just how addictive games on the way produced. The ” League of Legends on the go” you send in the direct duel against another ruler and thus requires despite its cute graphics and intuitive gameplay lot of tactics of you.So you Clash Royale is one of the more successful kings, we tell you some useful tips and tricks for mini-MOBA.


Clash Royale: Basic Tips

Anyone who has played a MOBA or Tower Defense ever or even even the predecessor Clash of Clans, which will find their way very quickly with the basic control of Clash Royale.

  • The big towers in the middle are the “King’s Tower”. This applies to destroy it. Your goal is the tower in the upper field section.
  • The two towers next to the King’s Tower are ranged towers and must be destroyed in order to get at the king.
  • Arenas differ only visually.
  • Do you build buildings for new troops, placed them behind your towers, so they do not succumb to the onslaught of the enemy.
  • At the bottom are your cards with which their traps and troops can just put on your side of the field.

Deck compilation

Even the best tactic helps you anything if your deck is not carefully designed. It is therefore advisable, especially after receiving new cards, switch your deck.therefore Make sure that your cover includes the following maps:

  • min. 1 Spell
  • 1 Giant
  • flight units
  • ranged
  • 1-2 defensive towers

Tips for the attack

Before her death-defying plunges you into battle and quickly your elixir loses and thus loses the battle, here are some tips for a successful attack:

  • Awaiting the enemy attack from, or at least the first formation of his troops
  • then play counter-forces to respond to his attack
  • Uses particularly the special abilities of your units
  • Will you attacked by large units, blocks with a group of small, fast units
  • Starts an air strike when the opponent is not able to counter your own or a run
  • Let slow units as far back in your starting pitch. So you’ve already regenerated elixir when your unit crossed the bridge

Gold, jewels and coffers

Do you have your first battles fought successfully, you will be rewarded with gold coins, sometimes there are the rare jewels and sometimes it even gets new cards for your deck. And for that you need the resources:

gold Buy some new cards and start multiplayer games
elixir For the construction of troops and buildings (fills in the battle automaticallyback to
jewelry Shortens construction and waiting times can buy you gold and chests open (premium currency)

In your inventory will find four chests place. It is therefore not worthwhile to wait forever and hoard jewels when your inventory is full. Opens rather regularly chests, as they contain important items and bonuses.Clash Royale Hack

In order to new chests to get, you have to either fork out jewels in the item shop or meet one of the following conditions:

  • after a battle
  • after a battle against a stronger opponent, there is an additional bonus
  • every four hours get her a free chest
  • achieved their score at least 10 on the day, there is an additional reward in clash royale cheats




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The meaning emoji

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